“Living Better, Using Less” our Sustainable Development Strategy sets out our vision for a sustainable county borough where residents live longer, healthier, more fulfilled lives whilst consuming less resources so as not to compromise the quality of life of future generations or people living in other parts of the world.

Working with nef (the new economics foundation), we have developed our Caerphilly Sustainability Index to calculate how sustainable we are. It works out how happy and healthy we are – our well-being, and divides this by the amount of resources we use – our ecological footprint. The Index is based on the equation:

Living better, Using less = Life expectancy X Life satisfaction
Ecological Footprint

Caerphilly residents have the 3rd lowest ecological footprint in the UK at 4.81 global hectares per person. However, if everyone in the world lived like us we would need 2.5 Planet Earths to support us all.

Whilst we consume less resources than other parts of the UK we also have some of the worst health and lowest life expectancy in the UK.

The average “Sustainability Score” for a resident of the county borough is 42.3 and our aim is to get to 62.0 by 2030.

The questions on the following pages will ask you about where you live, your health, lifestyle, and how you feel about life. The answers you give are used to calculate your own personal score on our sustainability index.

How will you measure up?

Country Life Expectancy Life Satisfaction (out of 10) Ecological footprint (global hectares)

Sustainability score

Vanuatu 68.6 7.4 1.1 68.2
Costa Rica 78.2 7.5 2.1 66.0
China 71.6 6.3 1.5 56.0
Germany 78.7 7.2 4.8 43.8
Caerphilly 77.2 7.1 4.8 42.3
UK 78.4 7.1 5.4 40.3
USA 77.4 7.4 9.5 28.8
Zimbabwe 36.9 3.3 1.0 16.6